Update 6th JUNE 2020.
As lock down restrictions are being eased we will carry on with the livestreams on Facebook & Youtube until it is appropriate to start classes again. ALL classes listed below are still cancelled. We have replaced a number of classes with Live-Stream classes, Monday & Wednesday, that you can access from home (no Facebook account needed) please go here: Ruyi Facebook.
They will also be re-posted on our Youtube channel here: Ruyi School Youtube Channel (opens new tab)

Check back regularly for updates.
Please read these guidelines on the NHS website (opens a new window) before attending classes NHS Coronavirus information
Also, please use some good old fashioned 'common sense' when making decisions on travel and attending public gatherings.

Upcoming Event: 3 Saturday Workshops 2020! (HAVE ALL BEEN CORONAD {verb}, which is like a KO, but for public events)


Upcoming Event: Professor HU XIAOFEI - SUMMER 2020!


What classes are on?
Aberdeenshire & Aberdeen City

  • (updated 16th MARCH 2020)
    CANCELLATIONS IN EFFECT in response to Coronavirus

    • 9:30-10:30 Taijiquan with Matthew
      Frederick Street Health Village, Aberdeen.
      Taijiquan (Tai Chi) for beginners and over 60's only. Drop in class.
    • 10:00-11:00 Qigong with Tina CANCELLED - replaced with Live-stream on our Facebook page (no account necessary)
      Maggie's Cancer Care Centre, Aberdeen.
      (For patients and carers).
    • 11:00-12:00 Qigong with Matthew
      Rubislaw Church Centre, Aberdeen.
      Drop in class.
    • 19:15-20:15 Qigong with Matthew
      Ferryhill Community Centre, Aberdeen.
      Taijiquan (Tai Chi) suitable for all. Drop in class.
    • 20:15-21:15 Taijiquan with Matthew
      Ferryhill Community Centre, Aberdeen.
      Taijiquan (Tai Chi) suitable for all. Drop in class.
    • 9:30-11:00 Qigong with Tina CANCELLED - check back regularly for live-stream update -
      St Bridget's Hall, Stonehaven.
    • 10:30-12:00 Taijiquan
      Cults Parish Church Hall, Quarry Road, Aberdeen
    • 13:00-14:00 Taijiquan with Matthew
      City Moves Dance Agency, Aberdeen.
      Taijiquan (Tai Chi) suitable for all. Drop in class.
    • 19:30-21:00 Mindful Movements with Matthew
      Kincorth Community Centre, Aberdeen.
      Drop in class.
    • 10:00-11:30 Qigong with Tina CANCELLED - check back regularly for live-stream update -
      Cults Parish Church Hall, Quarry Road, Aberdeen
    • 10:30-11:30 Qigong with Matthew Aberdeen Dementia Resource Centre
      Not open to general public, only patients, carers and family.
    • 12:30-13:30 Qigong with Tina CANCELLED - replaced with Live-stream on our Facebook page (no account necessary)
      Maggie's Aberdeen, Cancer Care Centre
      (For patients and carers).
    • 12:00-13:00 Qigong with Matthew
      Confucius Institute, Aberdeen.
      Taijiquan (Tai Chi) to book please check Aberdeen University website for dates or contact the Confucius Institute confucius@abdn.ac.uk
    • 9:45-10:45 Taijiquan with Matthew
      Catherine Street Community Centre
      Taijiquan (Tai Chi)suitable for all. Drop in class.
    • 9:30-11:00 Taijiquan with Tina CANCELLED - check back regularly for live-stream update -
      St Bridget's Hall, Stonehaven.
    • 10:00-11:00 Qigong with Matthew
      Frederick Street Health Village, Aberdeen.
      For beginners and over 60’s only, drop-in class.

  • Go here if you haven't: Ruyi School Youtube Channel (opens new tab)

    Tai Chi in the Park
    Stormy Sea Tai Chi - Surprise ending!
    Tina Taichi Caledonia demonstration.

Why practice Taijiquan & Qigong?

Hi, good to see you here! More often known in the West as Tai Chi (Taiji) and health excercises (Qigong), here at Ruyi we run classes for effective improvement of body coordination and mindfulness. Come try a class this week and find out why it's so good! Also check out this link: Time Magazine article about Taichi (opens new window).

Check out the classes and events on the calendar and don't hesitate to get in touch with your questions. Scroll down for more information.


Tina Faulkner Elders - Principal Instructor & Director.

Matthew Knight - Instructor.

Ursula Bass - Instructor.

Looking for some wisdom?

What's coming up?

Upcoming events will be updated on this page and should be visible near the top. Meanwhile, to stay super up-to-date (#downwiththekids) visit our Facebook page here: Take me to the Ruyi Facebook page (Opens new window).

Mind over matter

- Shi Ming

Recent events

27th July 2019
27th Aug 2018

Tai Chi Caledonia 2018 Montage

21st July 2017

Were you at Tai Chi Caledonia 2017?

Check out their website Tai Chi Caledonia and Facebook page!

More Videos

How good is your German? Don't worry it's spoken in English...
Master Chen Lisheng. With sword.
Time lapse digital sketch of Master Oogway from Kung Fu Panda.

Instructor Biographies

Tina Faulkner

Tina began training as a young child in Gong Fu and Chin Na with her father, Gordon Faulkner. During this time Gordon was also teaching the internal practices and meditations of Mantak Chia. Over the years Gordon would frequently host one of Mantak Chia's most senior students and illustrator, Juan Li. These early encounters sparked a lifelong curiosity for Tina and an eagerness to learn Taiji.

At twenty she moved to Beijing to study Daoyin Yangsheng Gong at the Beijing Sports University, graduating in 1996. At this time she entered international competitions, winning a number of medals. Whilst living in Beijing, Tina began studying with Master Shi Ming, a national treasure of China and author of Mind Over Matter.

On her return from China, Tina oped her own school in Aberdeen (Scotland) and taught regularly in America. She had the privilege of studying with and hosting Professor Li DeYin on a number of occasions and also acting as ambassador when Professor Li DeYin was invited to teach in New Hampshire, America.

Tina has continued to return to China, over the years, studying 'Health Qigong' known as Daoyin Yangsheng Gong at the Sports University of Beijing.

Around ten years ago Tina was introduced to Master Chen LiSheng, 15th Generation Disciple of Wudang Xuanwu. Tina's school has recently been awarded the first Teaching Cooperation to the Wudang Daoist Wuji Gongfu Academy, thereby creating a direct cultural link to Wudang Mountain. Now her continued self cultivation takes her to WuDang to study Taijiquan, Qigong and more recently Baguazhang with Master Chen.

Her school has been running private and public classes as well as teaching in the healthcare sector for nearly twenty years. Some of the organisations include the Confucius Institute of Aberdeen and the Maggie Centre for cancer care.

Matthew Knight

I have studied Taijiquan (Tai Chi) and Qigong since 1998 with my teacher Tina Faulkner Elders and the Ruyi School of Taijiquan and Qigong. My own personal training is continuing with the Ruyi School and visiting Master Chen Li Sheng on WuDang Mountain, China in September 2016.

It is a great motivation for me to teach and share both theory and practice of Chinese Internal arts. Taijiquan is a Chinese system of exercise that has proven benefits to the health of practitioners and is also an old internal martial art. The system is suitable for all people of any age and through continued practise one can possess improved balance, greater core strength, more flexibility and a tranquil state of mind through the concentration on its movements.

The particular style of Taijiquan is the 24 step Yang style and it was developed in the 1950’s and is now one of the most popular forms of Taijiquan in the world.

The Qigong style that is taught is called Daoyin Stress Reduction and has two parts: Stress Relief and Stress Prevention exercises.

This particular form has now become an integral part at Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres in Aberdeen, Inverness, Dundee and Swansea. More recently this form of Qigong is now taught with the Wellbeing Team at Aberdeen City Council and Alzheimer Scotland.

Private classes are available on request, please feel free to email and ask for further information.

Ursula Bass

Ursula first started studying Taijiquan (Tai Chi) in 2000 with Angela Crawford and later with Jane Innes, both of whom were students of Gerda Geddes.

Her personal training continues with Jane Innes (Tai Chi Aberdeenshire) and Tina Faulkner (Ruyi School). Through them she has trained with Chinese Master Chen Lisheng here in Scotland and at Wudang Daoist Wuji Gong Fu Academy (link) in China during an extended visit in 2016.

When not teaching Taiji or Qigong, Ursula runs with Deeside Runners and competes under the club name when hill racing.

Most of all she enjoys running with her dog in the woods. The Taiji helps with strength and endurance, and the Qigong helps maintain flexibility. Overall they all complement each other.

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